How to Make Money Online Using Twitter

Many people use social networking sites like Twitter to stay updated and socialize. What they fail to realize is that this amazing social networking site can be used to generate money with little effort. If you are curious and you want to know how to make money online using Twitter, then we suggest that you keep scrolling and know the simplest methods mentioned right here.

Sell on Twitter

You can sell anything on Twitter from clothes to electronics if you just focus. It is also a good strategy to use promotions and discounts to encourage people to buy more. Daily deals are also a good strategy as it helps you gain more customers. Just remember not to be cross the line and go for pushy selling.


This is another simple method of earning money. You just need to solicit ideas and contributions from your supporters on this social networking site. If you have never tried crowdsourcing before then, we recommend that you read up successful case studies before trying your hand at it.

Seek Sponsored Tweets

If you have a good following, you can charge businesses for your tweets. It works quite simply. You just need to set a price of the tweets in which you will promote the products or services offered by a business. While following this strategy, you need to keep an eye on other tweets you post as they must not discourage your sponsors.

Start a Twitter-Related Service

When you have a lot of Twitter followers who spend hours on the social networking site, you can make the most of their love for the website by creating a Twitter-related service that will help them to tweet better or faster. For instance, you can give them access to an app that suggests synonyms while they type to help them improve their vocabulary.

Initiate a Contest

If you have a good number of followers and sponsors who pay you to promote their products, you can collaborate with your sponsors to create contests. In such contests, you can ask the followers to retweet a product review or product description to get a chance to win a prize. This will usually increase the sales, and you can ask for a fee in exchange for the freshly generated sales via the contest.

YouTube Meets Twitter

In case you are good at creating videos, you should start a YouTube channel that promotes Twitter related hacks and tips. It will be a hit among new users who want to be popular on this social networking site.

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