How to Recall an Email in Gmail After Hitting the Send Button


Though many people prefer instant delivery of the emails as it saves time and makes communication faster, it is also a fact that instant delivery of email has its consequences. One of those consequences is that once you send an email, you won’t be able to take it back unless you take some steps. This becomes a problem if you accidentally send it to the wrong person or click on the send button when the message is incomplete.

Thanks to technology, taking back an email is possible, and as you might have guessed, Google provides this service and allows you to prevent it from appearing in anyone’s inbox unless you are ready. To know how to recall an email in Gmail after hitting the send button, just read on

Activate the Undo Setting

If you don’t want your emails to land in places they are not meant to land in, then you should visit the Undo Send section in the Settings and the General tab. There you can choose the send cancellation period that varies from 5 to 30 seconds. It is recommended that you keep it at 30 if you often send emails to the wrong person and keep it at 15 if you rarely do that. Do not keep it at less than 10 seconds as time passes quickly and you may not realize you have made a mistake in the first 10 seconds. You should know that the email might appear in the inbox of the receiver for a few seconds even if you undo send so be ready to apologize if you wrote something terrible.

Send a Test Email

If you are sure that you have changed the setting, but you want to test it, then it is recommended that you send a test mail to yourself and send it. As soon as you do that, a message “Undo” will appear in the lower left corner of the email. It will be there for a few seconds (the duration you set earlier) and would disappear after a while (when the said duration ends).




Try Undoing

As soon as the Undo option appears, you should click on it and see the email pop back in the same state it was before you sent it. You can then make the required changes and send it again. Take your time because there is no time limit on the changes that need to be made. You can also delete this email and start a new one.

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