How Many Seats Are There In IES For Mechanical?

How many vacancies are there in IES 2020?

495 vacanciesIndian Engineering Services – IES Vacancy 2020 The Commission has released the notification for a total of 495 vacancies.

The total number of vacancies to be filled for the post will include vacancies for the Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBD)..

What rank is required for IES?

IES Prelims Cutoff 2020 (Expected)BranchGeneralOBCCivil185-192183-187Mechanical184-191183-190Electrical215- 225205-2151 more row

Which is better IAS or IES?

An IES deals with technical and engineering-related fields only. But an IAS deals with administrative work related to state and central. An IAS might have to be more versatile in respect of work culture rather than an IES.

How can I prepare for IES 2021?

IES Preparation Tips 2021Pay Attention to Technical Subjects. To clear IES 2021 examination, it is very important to start preparing pretty early. … Solve IES Previous Year’s Papers. … Make Subject Wise Notes. … Develop a Reading Habit. … Take help of NCERT Books for General Studies. … Learn Time Management.

Is there reservation in IES?

All candidates irrespective of IES reservation criteria have to undergo a medical examination. … The standards are to be cleared by all candidates irrespective of their previous appearance for the examination. The medical examination defined by UPSC will be conducted at the various Railway hospitals.

Can I crack ies without coaching?

IES preparation without coaching. If you have good command over your engineering basics then you can prepare your engineering services exam without any coaching. Preparing for IES exam is year long process, with the change in the pattern candidates need to prepare for three stages Prelims, Mains and Interview.

How many candidates apply for IES mechanical?

IES 2020 HighlightsIES/ ESE Full FormIndian Engineering Services also known as Engineering Services ExamApplication ModeOnlineExam ModeOfflineExpected number of Registration2 lakhs (approx.)No. of vacancies4953 more rows

Can a average student crack ies?

There is no reason why an average student can’t qualify in IES exams. Every student who performs well in UPSC exam stands a good chance to qualify.

Is IES equal to IAS?

Though both are group ‘A’ gazetted officer jobs, the profiles of the IAS (or IPS/IFS, etc.) and the IES (Indian Engineering Service) officers are quite different. The IES is a very specialised and technical service. The IAS is more of a generalist.

How difficult is IES exam?

Competition Level of IES and GATE Exam For IES, the ratio comes to 300:1. For GATE, the ratio is 10:1. With this ratio, it is concluded that in an IES exam, every single seat as 300 applicants. This factor makes IES a relatively tough competitive exam than GATE.

Is IES tougher than IAS?

Both the exams are for Group A Gazetted Officer Jobs. Every year, lakhs of engineering graduates compete in the IES exam for a few hundred seats which perhaps makes it a tough exam to crack. Usually, candidates who have cleared both IES and IAS, more often than not prefer to enter IAS.

Can IES officer join PSU?

IES 2020 has already been conducted and the results are out. PSU or Public Sector Undertaking jobs is to get recruited in companies that is wholly or partly owned by central or state government….Recruiting companies.IESPSUIndian Supply ServiceIndian Oil Corporation Limited8 more rows•Mar 19, 2020

How many seats are there in IES?

IES Exam have seats around 500 per annum for IES aspirants . And it conducts by UPSC ( Union public service commission) for civil servants for GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

Is IES tougher than gate?

But the competition level for IES is much tougher than the GATE exam. For IES, the competition ratio in terms of the number of vacancies available versus the number of candidates used to appear for the exam is 1:300. While on the other hand, GATE is a less competitive exam as compared to IES.

Which branch is easy for IES?

There is nothing like one engineering branch has particularly got preference in this exam. And that will be best choice to score good in IES exam. This exam is conducted for mainly four branches of engineering eg: Civil,Mechanical,Electronics,Electrical.

Can we clear ies in first attempt?

Aspirants should prepare for UPSC IES exam to clear it in the first attempt. Understand the scoring structure and the complete syllabus before preparation. Covering and learning all the topics are crucial for the preparation of the UPSC IES exam.

How many IES officers are selected every year?

⭐ How many IES officers are selected every year? The IES/ESE is considered one of India’s toughest examinations due to its technical nature and low acceptance rate. Its selection ratio is 0.0005 (based on 2018 statistics); one person is selected out of every 2,000.

Is there any attempt limit for IES?

2 – Is there any attempt limit for attending IES 2020 exam ? A. 2 – No. Explanation : There is no restrictions over no of attempts rather there is age limit (between age 21 to 30).

What is the salary of IES?

Details of the IES Officer SalaryLevelPay ScaleTime FrameSelection grade scale( Chief Engineer L2 / Jt. G M )INR 37400 – INR 6700020 years or more after joiningSuper timegrade (Chief Engr. /Additional GM)INR 37400 – INR 67000Cabinet Secretary GradeINR 90,000FixedApex Pay ScaleINR 80,000Fixed3 more rows•Aug 20, 2020

What is the power of an IES officer?

IES is the Technical branch of the Union of Government of India. They are required to perform administrative as well as technical duties for the Government. IES officers are generally employed in Indian Railway Engineering service, Military Engineering Service, Central Engineering Service.