Question: How Do You Complain To Twitter?

How long does it take for twitter to email you back?

It normally takes seven days to get your account unsuspended.

You have to assume that it will take longer in the future with more and more people using and abusing Twitter and social media.

Description of problem: Account shows suspended, not sure why!.

Can I call twitter to Unsuspend my account?

Can I unsuspend my account? You may be able to unsuspend your own account. If you log in and see prompts that ask you to provide your phone number or confirm your email address, follow the instructions to get your account unsuspended.

How many reports does it take to delete a twitter account?

Among the 161 reports WAM referred to Twitter, the company took action 55% of the time by deleting, suspending, or warning the reported accounts. Twitter was unlikely to delete an offending account. Twitter only deleted one account in response to the 161 reports.

How do you get past a twitter ban?

Slowly ramp up your usage. Do not mass tweet, or tweet more than few times a day, and avoid controversial topics. Stay out of trending subjects and hash tags for few weeks. Always use the new account after you connect to VPN.

How can I know the email address of a twitter account?

Many Twitter users at some point in their Twitter life have tweeted out something with their email addresses. Using a tool called, you can check every tweet someone has ever made, and hunt for an email address. Here’s how’s it done: Go to

How can I send an email to twitter?

Send an email from a linked email address to the appropriate twittermail address. is the address for a free twittermail account. Twitter posts any information in the subject line of the email followed by the information in the body of the email.

Does Twitter have a live chat?

Tap the icon from the Tweet composer. Tap Live at the bottom. To allow live viewers to request to join your broadcast, tap the. … When a viewer has asked to join your broadcast, a notification will appear in the chat.

Does twitter tell you who reported your tweet?

Regarding Twitter’s privacy policy, user’s reports are kept anonymous and no one would ever know who has reported their tweets. … Twitter’s privacy policies help protect all users, including those who report others for violations.

Does Twitter have customer service?

Customer service on Twitter has two key pieces: responding to direct requests for help, and monitoring brand @mentions for customer service opportunities. Not every mention requires a detailed response. … Providing great customer service on Twitter is easy — and it’s good business.

Does reporting a twitter account delete it?

The account is usually suspended incase of multiple violations and reports. Getting the account suspended is equivalent to getting the account deleted as the reported user cannot access their account anymore. So, follow the steps above based on how you find the Twitter account abusive and report them accordingly.

Can I call twitter to unlock my account?

Look for the message letting you know Your account has been locked. … We will send you a text message, or you will receive a phone call, with a verification code. It may take a few minutes for the code to be delivered to your phone. Once you’ve entered the verification code, click or tap Submit to unlock your account.

How long does it take for Twitter to respond to a locked account?

The process can take up to 72 hours and we’ll notify you through Twitter and email when your account is ready.

How does twitter live chat work?

A tweet chat is a live Twitter event, usually moderated and focused around a general topic. To filter all the chatter on Twitter into a single conversation a hashtag is used. A set time is also established so that the moderator, guest or host is available to engage in the conversation.

How can I contact someone on twitter?

How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter1While logged into your Twitter account, click Messages in the top menu bar. The message window opens. … 2Click New Message. The message window opens.3Enter the username of the person you want to send a message to. Start typing a Twitter username. … 4Enter a message in the main box and click Send.