Question: What Is Face Value Of A Share?

Why is face value of share important?

Assigning face value is important from the company’s perspective as it helps the entity to calculate the accounting value of its shares.

This value is then used in its balance sheet.

The face value of the shares and bonds is clearly mentioned in the share/bond certificate..

What is the face value of a share in India?

Majorly, the shares of Indian companies have a face value of Rs. 10.

What is the face value of 2 in 93207?

What is the face value of 2 in 93207? The face value of 2 in 93207 is 2.

Can Face value of share increase?

A stock split is the same share split into two. In a stock split, the number of shares increases but the face value drops. The face value never changes for a bonus shares.

Which share has highest face value?

MRF – the most expensive stock in terms of share price in India – is currently trading nearly 6,915 times its face value of Rs 10 per share at Rs 48,781 levels at the bourses….6 stocks that are trading 2,000 times above their face value.CompanyMRFLatest69151% chg41.8FV*10Times#691532 more columns•Dec 20, 2017

What is face value of a share with example?

Face value (also known as par value) is the value of a company listed in its books and share certificate. The company decides the face value when it offers shares at the time of issuance. … For example, when a company goes public, it can have a face value of Rs 10. And it may trade at a market price of Rs 500.