Question: What Is The Difference Between A Stimulus And A Response?

What is the ability to respond to a stimulus?

In physiology, a stimulus is a detectable change in the physical or chemical structure of an organism’s internal or external environment.

The ability of an organism or organ to detect external stimuli, so that an appropriate reaction can be made, is called sensitivity..

What is stimuli quizlet?

stimulus. An environmental change that directly influences the activity of a living organism. internal stimulus. A change from within an organism, such as hunger and thirst, that causes the organism to respond.

What is a stimulus in behavior?

In psychology, a stimulus is any object or event that elicits a sensory or behavioral response in an organism. … In behavioral psychology (i.e., classical and operant conditioning), a stimulus constitutes the basis for behavior.

What does stimulus response mean?

Medical Definition of stimulus-response : of, relating to, or being a reaction to a stimulus also : representing the activity of an organism as composed of such reactions stimulus-response psychology.

What is an unconditioned response quizlet?

Unconditioned response. An automatic response to a stimulus. Conditioned stimulus. A stimulus that causes a response that is learned.

What is the stimulus detected by?

ReceptorsReceptors are groups of specialised cells. They can detect a change in the environment (stimulus ) and produce electrical impulses in response. Sense organs contain groups of receptors that respond to specific stimuli .

Which is the best example of a response to an external stimulus?

2 Another example of external stimulus is temperature. When it is cold outside, your response is to get warm by putting on a jacket. If there is an external stimulus, there must also be an internal. An internal stimulus is a stimulus that comes from inside an organism.

What is the relationship between a stimulus and a response?

A change in the environment is the stimulus; the reaction of the organism to it is the response.

What does response mean?

1 : an act of responding. 2 : something constituting a reply or a reaction: such as. a : a verse, phrase, or word sung or said by the people or choir after or in reply to the officiant in a liturgical service.

What is an example of a stimulus and a response?

Examples of stimuli and their responses: You are hungry so you eat some food. A rabbit gets scared so it runs away. You are cold so you put on a jacket.

What is the relationship between a stimulus and a response quizlet?

Terms in this set (25) Response to stimuli creates homeostasis. Response to stimulus- causes an action or response due to a change in environment.

What are stimulus words?

: a word to which the subject reacts (as in an association test)

What are three examples of a stimulus?

The three examples of stimulus include;Hit the skin with a needle or pin is a good example of stimulus. The sudden removing of the hand is the response.When somebody bangs a door you jump if you were unaware because of the sound. The jumping is the response to a stimulus.Holding a hot plate.

What are examples of a stimulus?

Stimulus is something that causes a reaction, especially interest, excitement or energy. An example of stimulus is a shiny object for a baby. An example of stimulus is an influx of cash into the economy that is designed to help the economy to gain momentum or energy.

What is the Behaviour for a stimulus?

Behavior is often defined as the response to a stimulus. In other words, what a person, animal, plant, or organism does after being stimulated is part of its behavior. In order to cause that response, the stimulus must be sensed, processed, and interpreted by the person, animal, plant, or organism.