Question: What Is The Difference Between Private And Public Methods?

Is a has a?

Has a = It physically has something, e.g Car has an engine.

“IS A” : Establishes relation between related objects..

Why public is used in Java?

public is a Java keyword which declares a member’s access as public. Public members are visible to all other classes. … This helps with encapsulation and information hiding, since it allows you to change the implementation of a class without affecting the consumers who use only the public API of the class.

What is the main difference between a public method and a private method?

So what’s the difference between a public and private function? A private function can only be used inside of it’s parent function or module. A public function can be used inside or outside of it. Public functions can call private functions inside them, however, since they typically share the same scope.

Is A or inheritance?

In object-oriented programming, the concept of IS-A is a totally based on Inheritance, which can be of two types Class Inheritance or Interface Inheritance. … Wherever you see an extends keyword or implements keyword in a class declaration, then this class is said to have IS-A relationship.

How do you declare a public variable in VBA?

In order to declare a public VBA variable, the declaration needs to meet the following conditions:Be made in the Declarations section, just as you’d do when declaring a module-level variable.Use the Public statement in place of the Dim statement.The declaration must be made in a standard VBA module.

Why is inheritance bad?

Inheritance is not the core of object oriented programming, and it is commonly overrated because it creates more harm than help and should only used in certain situations.

Can a public method call a private method in Java?

An object user can use the public methods, but can’t directly access private instance variables. You can make methods private too. … The main reason to do this is to have internal methods that make a job easier. Let’s think of a real-world example.

What is public/private and protected?

Broadly speaking, public means everyone is allowed to access, private means that only members of the same class are allowed to access, and protected means that members of subclasses are also allowed. However, each language adds its own things to this. For example, C++ allows you to inherit non-publicly.

What is the difference between public and private methods in Java?

As you have seen the difference between private and public lies on how accessible a particular field, method or class would have. public means you can access it anywhere while private means you can only access it inside its own class.

Are public variables bad?

For smaller applications, global variables are not a problem. … Sharing data inside the application using global variables will also help you minimize local variable creation and lesser memory usage. But for larger applications, using global variables are bad. It will make your application hard to maintain and read.

When should inheritance be used?

[1] Many people use classical inheritance to achieve polymorphism instead of letting their classes implement an interface. The purpose of inheritance is code reuse, not polymorphism. Furthermore, some people use inheritance to model their intuitive understanding of an “is-a” relationship which can often be problematic.

What is the difference between public and private variables?

Public variables, are variables that are visible to all classes. Private variables, are variables that are visible only to the class to which they belong. Protected variables, are variables that are visible only to the class to which they belong, and any subclasses.

What is the point of private variables?

Making a variable private “protects” its value when the code runs. At this level, we are not concerned with protecting it from other programmers changing the code itself. The point of so-called “data hiding” is to keep internal data hidden from other classes which use the class.

What is the difference between private and protected?

Private members are accessible within the same class in which they are declared. Protected members are accessible within the same class and within the derived/sub/child class. Private members can also be accessed through the friend function. Protected members cannot be accessed through the friend function.

What are public methods?

What are they? Public methods are methods that are accessible both inside and outside the scope of your class. Any instance of that class will have access to public methods and can invoke them.