Question: Which Is The Nearest Village And Town To Palampur?

What is the name of nearest town to village Palampur?

shahpurthe nearest town to village palampur is shahpur and nearest village is raiganj…….

How many families live in Palampur?

450 families450 families live in Palampur. 80 are upper caste families and own maximum land. 150 families do not own land and 300 own land.

What is the total cultivated area in Palampur?

larger areas of land more effectively. The first few tubewells were installed by the government. Soon, however, farmers started setting up private tubewells. As a result, by mid-1970s the entire cultivated area of 200 hectares (ha.)

Which town is near Palampur? more rows

Which is the nearest village of Palampur?

raiganjraiganj is the village nearest to village palampur .

Which is the nearest small town to Palampur?

shahpurAnswer. The town nearest to palampur is shahpur .

How far is raiganj from the village Palampur?

13 Kms.Explanation: Raiganj, a big village, is 13 Kms. from Palampur.

Which is the largest village near to Palampur?

Palampur Tehsil – Kangra#VillagesPopulation1Agoja Khas9712Aima2,7753Ambotu2314Andreta1,125117 more rows

What is total area of village Palampur?

226 hectaresFill up the following based on information on Palampur. Answer: LOCATION: Bulandshahr District, Western Uttar Pradesh. TOTAL AREA OF THE VILLAGE: 226 hectares.

How are the communication facilities in Palampur?

Answer: Transport and communication system in Palampur are well developed and well linked. Explanation: … They have a well developed system of roads that are connected and over which vehicles can travel easily across Shahpur ie the nearest town.