Quick Answer: Can You Get A Personal License With A Criminal Record?

Who has authority to object to a personal Licence application?

Who can object to a personal licence application.

Only the Police can object and only then if they feel that granting the licence would undermine the crime prevention objective in the Act.

In such a case the police must give the authority an objection notice within fourteen days..

Is personal Licence exam hard?

So, is the personal licence exam difficult? Not at all. Upon the conclusion of the Personal Licence Training Course, delegates will need to pass a 40-question multiple choice exam will be conducted. At least 28 out of the 40 questions in the exam must be correct in order to complete the exam.

Can you get a personal Licence with a drink driving conviction?

Answer: Driving when under the influence of drinks or drugs is a ‘Relevant Offence’ under the Licensing Act 2003 in relation to personal licences. … At the hearing the Licensing Authority can refuse to grant you a personal licence.

What is a relevant Offence?

‘Relevant offence’ refers to the offences listed in the Act that could, on conviction, rule out the grant or renewal of a personal licence to the applicant concerned. The offences include: • those involving serious crime. • those involving serious dishonesty. • those involving controlled drugs.

How long does a Biiab certificate last?

six monthsbenefits and status which that brings including support and advice, free legal helpline and business and personal discounts. * Valid for a period of six months and must have passed the BIIAB APLH.

Who is responsible for establishing a Licencing committee?

Responsibility for issuing licences now rests with local authorities, specifically London boroughs, Metropolitan boroughs, unitary authorities, and district councils, who took over this power from the Justices of the Peace. These authorities are each required to establish a Licensing Committee.

What do you need for a personal Licence?

In order to obtain a Personal Licence; applicants must be 18 years of age or above and will need the following:Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Qualification Certificate (The original)Personal Licence application form – Obtained from local Councils or Licensing Authorities.More items…

How long does a spent conviction stay on record?

Spent convictions. Most convictions become spent after 10 crime free years for adult offenders and 3 crime free years for child offenders. This means the conviction will no longer be part of your record.

Do police certificates show spent convictions?

Will the disclosure show spent convictions? Yes. All conviction history from the PNC is provided, with the exception of certain information as explained above. This means that any convictions you believe to be spent (i.e. a certain amount of time has lapsed since conviction) will appear on the disclosure.

Who can endorse a personal Licence photo?

One photograph must be endorsed with a statement verifying the likeness of the you by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing in the community or any individual with a professional qualification.

Can you be a licensee with a criminal record?

However, as the position of Licensee is not exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, you do not need to disclose any convictions that are spent under the Act. … An individual may only hold one personal licence at any one time.

What does spent conviction mean?

Spent convictions are those convictions that have reached a set period as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and are removed from an individual’s criminal record. Unspent convictions are those records that have not yet reached this defined time and will appear on a Basic Criminal Record Check.

What is a personal Licence for?

The personal licence is designed to ensure that anybody running or managing a business that sells or supplies alcohol will do so in a professional fashion. Once you receive your personal licence, you can act as the designated premises supervisor for any business that sells or supplies alcohol.

How do I get a copy of my personal Licence?

Apply for a personal licence You can replace a licence by emailing Licensing@harrow.gov.uk with your: full name and address. licence reference number if known. a daytime telephone number so we can contact you to take a credit/debit card payment of £10.50.

Who may object to a personal Licence application within 14 days?

Police Objections to a Personal Licence to Sell AlcoholPOLICE OBECTIONS TO THE GRANT OF A PERSONAL LICENCE.The police within 14 days must then object to the grant of the licence if they are satisfied that the grant would undermine the licensing objective of the prevention of crime, having regard to the particular conviction.More items…

What can stop you getting a personal Licence?

Relevant offences include:Those involving serious crime.Those involving serious dishonesty.Those involving controlled drugs.Certain sexual offences.

How long is a conviction spent?

All cautions and convictions eventually become spent, with the exception of prison sentences of over 30 months (2 ½ years). Once a caution or conviction has become spent under the Act, the ex-offender does not have to reveal it or admit its existence in most circumstances.

Who can object to the grant of a personal Licence?

6.4 The Police and The Secretary of State are the only ‘bodies’ who may object to an application for a Personal licence.

Does a personal Licence holder have to be on site?

As a personal licence holder you DO NOT have to be present at, or on the premises during, the sale of alcohol. … If staff employed under your responsibility break the licensing law, for example selling to underage customers, your personal licence could be at stake.

Is a personal Licence issued by police?

The Act also provides the police and licensing authorities with powers to deal with errant personal licence holders. … A personal licence is issued for ten years in the first instance and there will be a presumption in favour of renewal if the licence holder has not been convicted of any offence. 187.

How long is a personal Licence certificate valid for?

Unlike a lot of licences, a Personal Licence has no expiry date. A Personal Licence is valid from the date it was issued and is also portable throughout England and Wales. In other words, that means that no renewal is required and Personal Licence holders can continue to authorise alcoholic sells indefinitely.