Quick Answer: How Do I Get Custom SCT Tunes?

Where can I buy custom tunes for SCT x4?

Before connecting your X4 to your PC, go to www.sctflash.com and click on the “Support” tab on the top of the page.

Select the your device name, select “Downloads”.

Under the section called Updater, you can click on Download Now.

Click “Download Now” or click here to download..

How much HP does SCT x4 add?

Features Built-In WiFi and the Ability to Hold 10 Custom TunesVehicle Application:HP Gains:Torque Gains:2015-2016 F-150 3.5L5 RWHP13 lb-ft2011-2014 F-150 5.0L13 RWHP26 lb-ft2011-2014 F-150 6.2L10 RWHP8 lb-ft2011-2014 F-150 3.7L28 more rows

Are SCT tuners vehicle specific?

No. Each SCT device locks to the vehicle the tune is installed on, however, if you return the vehicle to the stock / original factory tune using the SCT device, your SCT device can then be used on a different vehicle.

How do I connect my SCT tuner to my computer?

SCT Tuner To PCPLUG IN DEVICE TO PC USING USB CABLE (A TO B CABLE). … On SCT SF3/X3, select “Device Info” and write all this info down, specifically noting the current firmware version.Select button near bottom left that says “Device Updates and Downloads”.More items…

How do I download custom tunes to my SCT GTX?

Using the shortcut icon on your desktop, open the Device Updater software. Now select “Load Custom Tune File” from the Basic Operations menu then click on the “Locate Custom Tunes” button. Select the desired tune from the list of tunes.

Does SCT tuner come with tunes?

They both have preloaded SCT tunes, but you have to update them via computer anyhow before you tune truck the first time.

Can you Unmarry a SCT x4?

All SCT Tuners are $150 to Vin Unlock. All GTX and non-Ford X4 Tuners can be remotely unlocked, please contact our sales department for this service. BDX and Ford X4’s(7015) unlocks can be purchased online, so no need to call in and wait on hold!

What is Bama tune?

The Bama Performance Tunes for Life offers support for your common bolt on items for most Mustangs. This covers most performance parts like Cold Air Intakes, Throttle Bodies, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Mods, Gears and Tire size changes.

Are SCT preloaded tunes good?

The preloaded tunes can work well with cars with minor and common mods. Some cars will have minor issues and sometime the shifts are too strong for many people (thats why some dealers mellow them out a bit). Once you add a bunch of mods its best to get a custom tune.

How do you check if SCT x4 is unmarried?

Just go to the device info screen and it will display the firmware info, device serial, unlocks left, married or unmarried status, and software info. It needs to be unmarried and have unlocks left. SCT will give you more unlocks for $49 per.

How many tunes can the SCT x4 hold?

10 Custom TunesHolds up to 10 Custom Tunes.

Do SCT tuners really work?

The tuners work fine but what really works better is a tuner with good custom tunes from AM or Brenspeed and NOT the canned tunes from SCT. On your 5.0, expect to see gains of about 40 RWHP. But since you sound like a wuss, worrying about your warranty, stay away.

Does SCT x4 come with tunes?

The X4 programmer is flexible enough so that your original investment will not be lost – it can be loaded with a custom tune from the SCT dealer.

What is custom tune?

A Custom Tune is a tune written specifically for you based off of your modifications to your vehicle and/or your driving preferences. … Typically your Tuner will then have you datalog your vehicle and make any changes needed that way if needed.

How do I download music to Bama tuner?

How do I put a new tune on my Bama tuner?If this is your first time connecting the tuner to your computer, before connecting your X4 to your PC, go to www.sctflash.com and click on the Tech Support tab on the top of the page. … Using the provided USB cable, connect your device to the computer. ( … roughly 30 seconds for the drivers to install)More items…

How much horsepower can a tuner add?

Using a tuner it is possible to increase gasoline or diesel engine performance up to 99 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque on a gas truck, and 120 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque on a diesel truck depending upon the model.