Quick Answer: What Are The Causes Of Food Shortage?

What problems are caused by lack of food?

How Does Poor Nutrition Affect Us?being overweight or obese.tooth decay.high blood pressure.high cholesterol.heart disease and stroke.type-2 diabetes.osteoporosis.some cancers.More items….

What are the causes of shortage?

A shortage, in economic terms, is a condition where the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied at the market price. There are three main causes of shortage—increase in demand, decrease in supply, and government intervention. Shortage should not be confused with “scarcity.”

What is lacking food?

When there’s a lack of food, people starve. … People who are thirsty and starving lack food and water. Many people lack money and health care. A lack of something is the opposite of an abundance of something. If you have plenty of books, then you don’t lack them — though you may lack enough time to read them all.

What does lack of food do to the brain?

Restricted eating, malnourishment, and excessive weight loss can lead to changes in our brain chemistry, resulting in increased symptoms of depression and anxiety (Centre for Clinical Interventions, 2018b). These changes in brain chemistry and poor mental health outcomes skew reality.

What will happen to us if we lack food?

The human body is able to cope with surprising levels of weight loss: as the body loses 20% of its weight it consumes 50% less energy. … But in general, most people will die if their body weight falls to half of normal body mass index – which usually occurs after 45-61 days without food.

Can you get sick from lack of food?

Yes. Not eating can make you feel nauseous. This may be caused by a buildup of stomach acid or stomach contractions caused by hunger pangs. Learn more about why an empty stomach can trigger nausea and what you can do to quell hunger-related nausea.

What are the main causes of food shortage?

Drought and conflict are the main factors that have exacerbated the problem of food production, distribution and access. High rates of population growth and poverty have also played a part, within an already difficult environment of fragile ecosystems.

How can we overcome food shortage?

15. Strategies to overcome food shortagesStorage – refrigerated warehouse storage or refrigerated traucks to keep food fresh for a longer period of time.Farming technology – Use of HYV, irrigation technnology, chemical fertilisers and pesticides, machinery to increase crop yields (Green Revolution)Biotechnology – GM food.