Quick Answer: What Are The Prominent Changes In Indian Villages?

Who was the richest of the Indian provinces?

BengalIn the 18th century, Bengal was considered to be the richest of all the Indian provinces..

Is changing rural THE But India now scene of?

Answer. Answer: But now the rural scene of India is changing.

What was used in Indian villages for iron smelting?

AgariasWho are the Agaria? Answer: It was a community which used to live in villages of Bihar and Central India. The Agarias were specialised in the craft of iron smelting.

What was the life expectancy of India during the British rule?

32 yearsThe life expectancy in India during the British rule was 32 years.

How has the Indian village changed?

The changes are reflected in every walk of life. These changes have been brought by various agents. These include science, technology, and spread of education, advent of media in rural areas, industrialisation, urbanisation and migration. Hence the lifestyle, attitude and thinking have changed greatly in rural India.

What are the characteristics of Indian Village?

Some of the important Characteristics features of Village Community in India are as follows:Bases of social organization: … Group of people: … Definite locality: … Small size: … Importance of neighborhood: … Community sentiment: … Predominance of primary relations: … Joint family system:More items…

What were the effects of British policies on Indian villages?

With the initiation of British rule, the new land tenures, new land ownership concepts, tenancy changes and heavier state demand for land revenue triggered of far-reaching changes in rural economy and social relationship.

Which is the No 1 smart city in India?

BhubaneswarCities Profile of Round 1 Smart CitiesS.No.Name Of CityEntry Date1.Bhubaneswar [276.26 KB]28/03/20162.Pune [222.1 KB]28/03/20163.Jaipur [357.92 KB]28/03/20164.Surat [203.91 KB]28/03/201616 more rows

Which country has no village?

USA United States Of AmericaAnswer: it’s USA United States Of America. it has cities but not undeveloped villages. USA is a developed city.

Which is the richest district in India?

Top 10 Richest Cities In IndiaMumbai – City Of Dreams.Delhi – Multicultural Hub Of India.Kolkata – Talent Hub Of India.Bengaluru – Silicon Valley Of India.Chennai – Detroit Of South Asia.Hyderabad – City Of Pearls.Pune – Oxford Of The East.Ahmedabad – Textile Hub Of India.More items…•

How villages have developed since independence till now?

Electricity, cable TV, and DTH service have now reached most villages; villagers, like their city counterparts, moved on from All India Radio to the daily soap operas. As per TRAI sources, since its introduction in 2003, the DTH service has a subscriber base of over 65 million, besides the viewership of Doordarshan.

Which is the most developed village in India?

KulgodPIN Code 591310 is the most developed village in the country under the Antyodaya scheme of the Centre. On Wednesday, Kulgod in Karnataka’s Belagavi district got ready to celebrate its special status as the results of the village ranking came in. Its score: 94 out of 100.