Quick Answer: Whats The Opposite Of Scarce?

Does scarce mean rare?

adjective, scarc·er, scarc·est.

seldom met with; rare: a scarce book..

What word is almost the same as substantial?

What is another word for substantial?sizablebignotablesignificantsizeablevoluminousampleappreciabledecentgoodly225 more rows

What is the meaning of grievously?

1 : causing or characterized by severe pain, suffering, or sorrow a grievous wound a grievous loss. 2 : oppressive, onerous grievous costs of war.

What is another name for scarce?

Some common synonyms of scarce are infrequent, rare, sporadic, and uncommon.

What is the similar meaning of severe?

SEE DEFINITION OF severe. adj.uncompromising, stern. adj.difficult, harsh.

What is another word for very painful?

1 unbearable, insufferable, unendurable, agonizing, racking.

What is the opposite scarce?

What is the opposite of scarce?abundantplentifulsufficientadequateenoughampleplenteousfrequentsatisfactoryliberal62 more rows

What’s the opposite of shortage?

Antonyms for shortage ample, surplus, excess, enough, abundance, sufficiency, plenty.

Why do we want scarce?

Scarcity means that human wants for goods, services and resources exceed what is available. … Because these resources are limited, so are the numbers of goods and services we produce with them. Combine this with the fact that human wants seem to be virtually infinite, and you can see why scarcity is a problem.

What is opposite of Latter?

Latter definition: Latter is also an adjective. It is the opposite of former; it means the second in a list of two things.

How do the British pronounce scarce?

As far as logic goes, “scarce” should be pronounced /skɑɹs/ or /skɑ:s/, because A is followed by two consonants and it is a universal rule that two consonants follow a short sound in English. The emboldened part is infelicitous.

What is the opposite of severely?

Opposite of in a harsh or severe manner. benevolently. graciously. generously. mercifully.

What does make yourself scarce mean?

Definition of make oneself scarce : to leave so as not to be seen in a certain place You’d better make yourself scarce before my parents get home.

What part of speech is shortage?

shortagepart of speech:noundefinition 1:a deficiency; lack. synonyms: dearth, deficiency, lack antonyms: abundance, enough similar words: crunch, need, poverty, scarcity3 more rows

What is a synonym and antonym for scarce?

scarce. Synonyms: rare, infrequent, unabundant, unique, uncommon, unusual, singular, precious, choice, few, wanting, sparse. Antonyms: common, frequent, abundant, valueless, thick, plentiful.

What is the antonyms of cooperative?

opposites of cooperativedisjoint.disobliging.disunited.divided.encumbering.hindering.hurting.preventing.More items…

What scanty means?

: limited or less than sufficient in degree, quantity, or extent.

What is the opposite of boring?

slow tiresome deadening ho-hum wearisome tedious dull irksome uninteresting. Antonyms. interesting sudden hurried fast accelerate.

What is another word for extreme?

Some common synonyms of extreme are excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, immoderate, and inordinate.

What is not scarce?

A resource or good that is not scarce, even when its price is zero, is called a free resource or good. Economics, however, is mainly concerned with scarce resources and goods. It is the presence of scarcity that motivates the study of how society allocates resources and goods.

What are the 3 types of scarcity?

Scarcity falls into three distinctive categories: demand-induced, supply-induced, and structural. Demand-induced scarcity happens when the demand of the resource increases and the supply stays the same.

What does it mean if something is scarce?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand : not plentiful or abundant. 2 : intentionally absent made himself scarce at inspection time.

What are two synonyms for scarce?


What word best replaces severe?

severeharsh,heavy-handed,ramrod,rigid,rigorous,stern,strict,tough.More items…