What Does Reign It In Mean?

What is the meaning of Regin?

Regin in British English (ˈreɪɡɪn ) Norse mythology.

a dwarf smith, tutor of Sigurd, whom he encouraged to kill Fafnir for the gold he guarded.

Collins English Dictionary.

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What is meant by the Reign of God?

The reign of God refers to the peaceful world where the loving and just rule of God is fully accomplished.

What does it mean to reign supreme?

: to be the best As a director, he still reigns supreme.

What does gloating mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification, or delight gloat over an enemy’s misfortune. 2 obsolete : to look or glance admiringly or amorously.

Is it reign in or rein in?

Do You ‘Rein In’ or ‘Reign In’ Something? The correct phrase for bringing something under control is rein in, not reign in. Rein in is an allusion to pulling on the reins of a horse in order to exercise more control.

What does it mean to reign over someone?

reign over (someone or something) To control someone or something with absolute authority or power.

What does rain mean reign?

Rain comes from the Old English regn. Rein refers to the part of a horse bridle that is a long strip of leather attached to the bit which is in the mouth of the horse. There are two of these strips, the reins are held by the rider and used to control the horse.

Is it free range or free reign?

So, the original spelling of the phrase is “to give free rein to,” but more people use the spelling of “reign” and associate it with the power of the king, rather than a happy-go-lucky trotting horse.

What is another word for reign?

SYNONYMS FOR reign 2 dominion, suzerainty. 4 rule, govern, prevail.

What is the difference between rule and reign?

Reign is a word that has traditionally been used to refer to time or period during which a king or emperor occupied the throne. … Whereas rule is used to reflect the authority or supremacy of a person like a king or queen. In this sense, rule becomes a synonym of govern and reminds one of governance.

How do you use reign in a sentence?

Examples of reign in a Sentence his reign as department chairperson her reign as team president his reign as heavyweight boxing champion the reign of digital technology Verb The king reigned in a time of peace and prosperity. The lion reigns as king of the jungle.