Why Did Walt Replace Gale?

Why did Jack kill Hank?

Jack and his crew had killed a DEA agent and Hank’s partner.

Jack was knee-deep in the meth trade, and Hank would learn that.

Hank had to die.

Walt must have known this too at some level, but was desperately looking for a solution that would work for everyone..

Why did Walt kill Mike?

He killed Mike on the spur of the moment due to his own wounded pride, after Mike insulted him by telling him the truth about how Walter had wrecked the great arrangement they’d had due to his greed and growing megalomania. Walter had become warped by then, and was fully Heisenberg by that time.

Does Walt kill Mike?

Walt shoots Mike for no reason By the end of Breaking Bad, Walt completely lost any sense of conscience and was willing to lie, murder, and cheat to get what he wanted. Eventually, that led to Walt killing Mike in rage. The incident happened just after Mike quit working for Walt and had his assets seized — again.

Does Jesse forgive Walt?

I don’t think Jesse Pinkman ever forgave Walter White. Towards the end, he took him for a selfish monster who can go to any lengths for his own ego-satisfaction. Remember the last episode? Walter White wanted Jesse Pinkman to shoot him but he never did.

Why did Breaking Bad get Cancelled?

‘Breaking Bad’ Was Canceled After 5 Seasons Because Vince Gilligan Believed ‘The X-Files’ Dragged On Too Long.

Did Gale kill prim?

She’s killed in an explosion during the final conflict with the Capitol that results in the rebels’ victory.

Why did Jesse agree to partner with Walt?

He wants to destroy Hank through a lawsuit and he also threatens to rat out Walt if he ever gets arrested by the police. Jesse blows Walt off at first, but later calls him and agrees to a 50/50 partnership.

Did Gale have a crush on Walt?

No. There is nothing to suggest that Gale felt anything beyond fawning admiration. There’s no doubt that the creative team behind BB could have made it unambiguous that Gale was in love with Walt. But they didn’t.

Why was Walter White so mean to Jesse?

The reason for handing him over the neo nazis was at first cause he thought Jesse wanted to kill him. Once he found he was working for Hank who died as a a result, Walt blamed Jesse for his death and handed him over to them out of spite.

Why didn’t Jesse kill Walt?

Jesse was never fond of killing, and seems to want as less of it as possible. He doesn’t want to kill Walt, even if Walt is asking for it as he doesn’t like blood on his hands. Jesse is tired of doing what Walt asks him to. As @Travis said, he wants to break free of Walt’s control.

Does Hank forgive Walt?

There was nothing to love, respect, or forgive. Hank realizes just as he was about to die, like those who died before him, that he greatly underestimated Walt. In the end while Walter couldn’t save Hank, Hank does acknowledge that Walt is the smartest man he ever knew.

Why is Hank so obsessed with Heisenberg?

After doing a recent rewatch of the show, I think Hank originally obsesses over Heisenberg to get his mind off of his PTSD, and eventually continues to obsess over it to conquer his PTSD. First, the Heisenberg case is used to avoid going back to El Paso.

Why did Walt want Jesse as Gale?

Jesse was determined to make Hank pay, and Hank was in bad trouble. Walt needed to mollify Jesse, to save Hank. So he pretended to find fault with Gale’s work so he could bring Jesse in to the new lab.

Why did Gale die?

It is confirmed that Gale was indeed killed by a gunshot wound to the face, just below his eye and to the left of his nose (“Box Cutter”). Gus kills Victor for bringing suspicion upon himself at Gale’s apartment, slicing his throat open with a box cutter in front of Jesse, Walt and Mike.

Why did Walter White not like Gale?

2nd reason is that he knew Gale was a threat that could take over as lead cook one day and Walt wouldn’t be needed by Gus anymore. Gus was having Gale learn Walt’s procedure so he could kill Walt and replace him with Gale. Walt actually likes Gale judging from when they first start working together.